What is Texas Famous For

Cowboys have been with us since the Wild West of the late 19th century, and their clothing has not changed much. Although his image has been exaggerated after all these years, the cowboy always carried a select group of items that even today distinguish him.


An important part of the cowboy outfit is the handkerchief. Like many of his possessions, it was used in a functional context rather than for any other aesthetic reason. The handkerchief protected the cowboy face from dust during the march, and also protected his neck from sunburn. In addition, it served as a tourniquet in the case of a serious injury. The only aesthetic purpose with which it was used was when it served as a mask, in which case it covered the face of the cowboy.

Cowboy Hat

One of the most obvious elements of a cowboy dress is the hat. However, this has not always been a basic element of their clothing. Prior to their invention, cowboys wore any hat that was set aside by people of different occupations. The cowboy hat was invented by John B. Stetson in 1862 as a joke more than anything else. The huge wing, originally meant to be fun, proved to be very practical for protection from the weather. Subsequently, Stetson began producing the hat and selling it for $ 5.

Cowboy Boots

Another part of the cowboy outfit, which bears his name on it, is the boots. No one knows for sure who owes this invention, although there is a legend about how they were invented. It is assumed that at some point in the 1870s, a cowboy entered a shoemaker’s shop and asked for a pair of special boots. First, he asked them to have a pronounced tip to fit them in the stirrups and to have special heels so they could remain attached. The leather prevented the stirrups from hitting.


The chaparral was not invented by the cowboys, but by the Spanish colonizers in Mexico. His goal was to protect the legs of plants while riding through long grass and barbed wire, and this invention was very popular until the 1830s or so. The original Mexican chaps consist of leather that covered the legs and was supported with a belt. Modifications made in Texas changed this design so that the leather-wrapped around each leg. The design resembled a shotgun, so they were given the name of “two-barrel chaps.”