Texas BBQ

This delicious barbecue recipe is a very healthy version. Without that extra fat, that is what makes her so sinful.
In Mexico, barbecue is a tradition mainly on Sunday mornings. To calm the hangover for the little glasses of the previous day, or simply for the delicious taste of the meat cooked over low heat very soft and delicious.

This dish starts from this precisely since in pre-Hispanic culinary art, it was known that foods cooked slowly with indirect heat were more tasty and nutritious.
This recipe has many years of tradition in our culture, and of course there is no doubt one of the most delicious, but as I said before it is also one of the dishes that can contain more fat for the meat they use, so my main advice for this recipe is to use lean meat, the chambered is a very good option, and we can take away the excess fat that it can bring.
Another of the secrets of the flavor of this recipe is to make it totally traditional, with the penguin of maguey that gives it a unique and very special flavor. But don’t worry, if you can’t get it you can do it without it, and it will still taste spectacular.

This recipe was thought to have all the flavor of our culinary culture but in a healthier version so that anyone can eat it, and of course, so that our families have a much better diet.

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Step by step elaboration
The first thing will be to check the meat and remove the lumps of fat
Then we rinsed it and put it in a bowl, and put half of our spices and salt to taste, around a tablespoon of salt, put seven cloves of garlic, and half onion cut into pieces, put a piece of the maguey leaf cut into large pieces.
In a cloth, we put the rest of the spices that are leftover, and we tie the cloth well.
We boil a pot with water when it boils, we put the rag with the spices inside, along with the other half of the onion cut into pieces and the rest of the garlic, to later turn this pot into a steamer to put the meat with the others ingredients.
It is important that you are aware that there is no lack of water for the barbecue because it is a cooking lens.
After about 3 hours in slow cooking, you will be ready to serve.