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You have already decided that you want to go to the United States, but now you ask yourself, what state is ideal for me? To try to help, today I bring you one of the most important states in the country, in fact, it is the second-largest and in population. If you want to know everything about what it’s like to live in Texas, stay with us reading this article.

Advantages of Living in Texas

One of the main reasons why people come here is for the hope of finally finding the job of their dreams. The gas and oil boom has placed Texas as an economic giant. In fact, it is the second-largest economy in the country, only surpassed by California, so the chances we will have of finding a well-paid job are quite high. Some of the metropolitan areas of the United States where labor supply increased most are in this state.

Despite being a state of the so-called new rich, the cost of living is not expensive at all. The prices of public services, transport, or housing, are quite affordable, which attracts attention since Texans receive good salaries. In addition, there are currently only 5 US states that pay fewer taxes than in Texas.
Due to the low cost of housing and the many quality schools, there are, Texas has become a very popular state among families. Many people have a misperception that poor quality education is taught here, but nothing is further from reality. In Texas, students always get higher grades than the average in the rest of the country. If you have children or you plan to have them in the future, you don’t have to worry about education.

The good thing about being such a large state is that you have several options when choosing a city, and if you get tired of one, you can go to live in another. The cities to which I would recommend you to go are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin.
And to end with the advantages of living in Texas, I have to tell you that it is the most “sticky” state of the USA, since 75% of people born in Texas are still living here, which is certainly a fact That says a lot in your favor.

Disadvantages of Life in Texas

Texans are conservative people but can not, in fact, in elections to the United States, Republicans always win by a large majority. Therefore, when people come from outside, not everyone looks at them with good eyes, which can be an impediment when it comes to establishing relationships with the locals.If you don’t like the heat, I wouldn’t advise you to come, since Texas is an extremely hot place, especially in the summer months.
The nightlife here is not that of Miami or Las Vegas, since people usually go out a little, and the nightclubs do not close very late. Many people call Texas a boring place.
If you want to start your own business, the government does not do much to help you, not to say that it does nothing while it is true that at least you do not get stuck.

Traffic congestion problems exist everywhere, but in Texas, more so. In large cities, it is very difficult for you to arrive at your destination at a fixed time since the traffic here is unpredictable.