Best Things To Do in Texas

Texas has some amazing views and beautiful hidden treasures that you should know. Here, we present 20 magnificent places in Texas for you to add to your list of sites to visit.
Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool located just outside Austin. This place is so popular among travelers that you must make a reservation if you want to take a dip in the warm months, although you can also choose to wait in a row of “unsecured entry” in which it will take approximately 45 minutes. But it is worth the wait.

Santa Elena Canyon, Marfa

This canyon is one of the most popular options in the area for those who wish to practice kayaking, canoeing, or raft quietly downstream. The high cliffs reach up to 305 meters. You can also camp along the way.

Bayou Bend Gardens, Houston

The Gardens were a work full of dedication, love, and care that has been carried out since 1925. The gardens were meant to be places to sit and rest, enjoy nature, and chat. They were not intended to be seen from a distance. The gardens remain as impeccable as in the nineteenth century.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Houston

In short, in the United States, they call it “The Mandir.” It was built for Hindus in the Houston area as a place of worship and prayer. It was built according to the guidelines described in the Shilpa Shastras. This collection of architectural guidelines has been part of the religion and history of India for thousands of years. This site is particularly beautiful.

Rockport Beach, Corpus Christi

Rockport Beach has pristine sandy beaches and magnificent blue water. It is the perfect place to have a picnic. In addition, it has a path to continue exploring if you want to do more than sunbathing.

Palo Duro Canyon, south of Amarillo

Palo Duro is the second largest canyon in the USA. UU after the Grand Canyon, but with much less pedestrian traffic. The park offers a wide range of activities for enthusiastic travelers who love nature. For example, camps for wild animals and recreational vehicles, walking and biking trails, picnic areas.

Gorman Falls, Austin

Gorman Falls is in Colorado Bend State Park, one of the most beautiful and popular state parks in Texas. You can explore the falls on a guided walk of 2.4 km, or make a 4.8 km climb to reach the same destination. In the nearby lake, you can go boating, go kayaking, and swim.

The Texas Capitol, Austin

This version of the Texas Capitol building was built after the 1853 building was considered too small for the powerful state. In the design, attention to detail was given.

Caddo Lake, Texarkana

East Texas has a different ecology, and that’s where you’ll find most of the “swampy lands” of Texas, which are much more magnificent than you can imagine. The area is full of bare cypress trees covered with Spanish moss, providing a natural swamp playground and bodies of water to explore through kayaking or canoeing.

Sonora Caverns, northwest of San Antonio

The Sonora Caverns are a great stop on the road to western Texas. They are halfway between Big Bend and San Antonio. These caves are formed by limestone acres, and you can enjoy walking or even camping during your stop.

The Texas Hill Country, west of Austin

The Texas Hill Country is a perfect destination for a Sunday walk at any time of the year, but especially during spring, when Texas wildflowers bloom in all fields. The hills offer panoramic views of central Texas. The small towns along the way have delicious restaurants and lots of wineries and breweries.

El Capitan, east of El Paso

Don’t you think it’s possible to see snow in Texas? In the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, on the border between Texas and New Mexico, is the El Capitan peak. It is dry and sterile most of the year but receives a white layer of snow and clouds from time to time. El Capitan is the eighth highest peak in Texas, and a trip to the top offers a sweet reward for hikers.

Big Bend National Park, South Texas

It is on the border with Mexico, inside the park you will find one of the most famous rivers in the United States, Rio Bravo. Within this natural sanctuary, you can observe beautiful landscapes as well as very diverse fauna and flora. In this place, 450 species of birds inhabit. There are also hares, roadrunners, bears, and mountain pumas. Ideally, if you are going to visit the park, make a stop at the informational post where they will guide you regarding the route and the activities you can do. They include hiking, horse riding, or sailing on the river.

Padre Island, South Texas Coast

Also called Isla del Padre, it is an island that measures 210 km in length. This makes it the longest sandbar in the world. The place is barely populated; the central part of the island is a nature reserve. In the southern part, there is a tourist town called South Padre Island where you can do various recreational activities. The main access to Padre Island is a bridge built over the Laguna Madre that connects the continent to the island.

Fort Worth, Dallas Metropolitan Area

This city keeps a past of the Old West makes it an important place for American culture. However, today, the city is quite modern and has experienced significant growth in recent years. Some of the most representative sites of this beautiful city are the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, the Kimbell Museum of Art and the Fort Worth Aquatic Gardens. It also highlights its important railway construction.


This is one of the largest and most important cities in the state of Texas. Noted for its large skyscrapers that, in turn, contrast with many old buildings, which are mostly located on Swiss Avenue, and dating from 1880. Dallas is also an important gastronomic and cultural center. There are many famous restaurants where they serve typical succulent food. In addition, it has great museums and theaters that are truly historical treasures.
Some of the places of interest in Dallas are the Sixth Floor Museum (commemorating the site of the assassination of President Jhon F. Kennedy), the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Arboretum and the Botanical Garden.

Waco, McLennan County

Waco is an interesting city. It will always be remembered for the long confrontation between police and the Davidian religious that ended in a tragic fire where more than 50 people died. However, although that is part of the city’s history, Waco stands out because it has many interesting sites to visit. For example, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute, and the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

It is the second-most populous city in Texas. This city is the center of the Texan culture; in addition, it has a large Spanish-speaking population. San Antonio is very famous, receives national and foreign tourists who visit the city mainly to know the Alamo, a Spanish mission built in the eighteenth century and now became a museum. Other points of interest in the city are the River Walk, the Tower of the Americas, SeaWorld San Antonio and Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
The city is also home to the NBA San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo pentacampeons, which has become one of the most representative festivals in the United States.


It is a city that is located on the coast of the Gulf of Texas, and this is the perfect place to do activities such as fishing, diving, and kayaking. However, there are also many other places to visit. If you want to know the city well, you will need more than two days.
In Galveston, you can see the Moody Gardens, a tourist complex that has a botanical garden, glass pyramids, aquarium, and various species of animals. In addition, you can visit Galveston Island State Park, The Strand Historic District, an oil platform called Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum, and the Moody Mansion that is located in the city center.

Monahans Sandhills, northeast of Marfa

Take your boogie board so you can have fun riding the sand waves. In addition to the dunes, you can go horse riding anywhere in the area 324 hectares or visit the nearby Odessa Meteor Crater.