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10 Facts about Culture in Texas

Here, at the Texas Mesquite Association, we know the value of Texas, and how unique it is. Besides the Mesquite festival Fredericksburg Texas host, there are other great things to know, and so many Texas culture facts that will interest you. So, before we get to anything else, let see what the most interesting Texas culture facts are:

The Lone Star State

One of the most popular Texas facts is the sense of local identity of the people – which is why the Lone Star State name speaks a lot about the unique history. In fact, the Texans care so much about this, they have an environmental slogan “Don’t mess with Texas” – as a part of their Texan pride.

Texas Hold’Em

Another of the Texas culture facts that probably seems obvious is the popular poker game. Poker has been a national treasure of Texas, and this is why, they have the popular Texas Hold’Em game named after the state. It is played in every casino in the world, including the online casinos – and it originates from Texas too.

Live Music Capital of the World

Austin, Texas is known by its slogan “the Live Music Capital of the World.” This is because Austin has more live concerts per capita than any other city in the USA. Estimates say that there might be around 100 live music performances in Austin on a single night – and Austin has a rich music history, originating back in the 1800s.


Another of the interesting Texas culture facts is the cowboy – it is basically the icon of Texas, and you can still find the best ranching experience there.


On the same note, a set of really interesting Texas culture facts is that Texas is the top producer of wool in the USA, and has massive herds of cattle as well – with King Ranch being larger than the state of Rhode Island.

Economic Development

Although many people don’t know, the Texas culture facts state that this country is well-developed in terms of economy – it holds the second place for its GDP, and has an unemployment rate of around 4%, which is pretty impressive.

Tex-Mex Cuisine

We love all Texas culture facts, but foodies enjoy the fact that they have the best Tex-Mex cuisine. It is simply delicious, and it is popular on an international level.


The ERCOT is the electrical grid, and Texas has its own – unrelated to the grid in USA.

Austin Has The Fastest Road in the U.S.

The highway 130 – connecting Austin and Seguin has a speed limit of 85 mph.

Amusement Park Six Flags

If you love amusement parks, this is one of the facts that you’ll love the most. One of the most famous amusement parks in the world is there.

Texas Lifestyle and Best Things to Do

If you want to have the best possible experience in Austin or anywhere in Texas, there are a few things you can do. For instance, visit the art galleries in Austin or at least some of the amazing art museums in Austin. Besides this, visiting a great cultural event like the Fredericksburg Mesquite Festival is a good idea. Also, don’t forget to try out the local cuisine and try out the best food there.

If you enjoy betting, don’t miss out the chance to visit some of the best USA casinos – as they are here. The best USA casinos are places where you can win the lottery in a manner of seconds, and since betting is a part of the local culture, Texans enjoy playing the lottery and doing race betting for real money – and it is legal in Texas. If you like staying in your hotel, you can do this by visiting online casinos as well – for instance, online casinos are a great way of earning casino bonuses and winning more real money. You can use numerous casino bonuses, but we recommend the no deposit and the welcome casino bonuses, as these are most rewarding.

Theater Shows in Austin

Texas is rich in culture, and Austin strives of its theater arts culture. It has some amazing shows like the Tony and Grammy award winning – Dear Evan Hansen, Also, visit the Ballet Austin’s Nutcracker, it is one of the most popular ones.

In general, there are many great shows, but we’d also suggest Hello, Dolly! And Aladdin. Regardless of which show you choose, don’t miss out the opportunity to visit a theater in Austin.

Texas mesquite arts festival


The Texas Mesquite Arts festival is absolutely one of the best things to do in Fredericksburg. The Mesquite Festival Fredericksburg Texas dates back from the 1992, and it is a luxurious and interesting event, following the world finest mesquite craftsmen. So, those who like these things can truly enjoy spending their time here, as this event is kind-of a national treasure.

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